"Beautiful Old Historical
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Lancaster Pennsylvania
Records of my family attending this church, many, many years ago
I spelled the names as they were spelled in the early records
Baptism of Antoni Bickel 1750
Parents: Frederich Bickel and wife Dorthea
Antoni Flinspach (Flinchbaugh) wife Barbara

Married  Philip Flenspach (Flinchbaugh)  Dec. 22, 1754
Single from Grossgartach Germany
Married Margret Simmetingerin

Married John Adam Flennspach (Flinchbaugh) Nov. 8, 1763
Single from Grossgartach Germany
Married Magdalena Siegin

Baptism of Johann Frederich Flentspach (Flinchbaugh) March 12, 1764
Parents Melchoir Flentspach and wife Sophia Cathrania Flentspach (Flinchbaugh)
Melchoir Ricker (Reichard) and wife Cathraina

Baptism of Johann Adam Ricker (Reichard) Jan. 13, 1765
Parents Melchoir and Cathrania Ricker  (Reichard)
John Adam Flintspach  (Flinchbaugh) and wife Magdalena
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